The Laehfles challenge

Straight-forward fitness nutrition made simple. 

Our program teaches you what types of food to eat, when and why. Instead of just 1980's calorie counting: we teach you the latest, hottest macro fitness nutrition and how to take your results to the next level. 

Join the synergy of our Challenge Community. Get supported, celebrated and encouraged by your fellow Challengers!

Here we help you:

  • End cyclical dieting
  • Learn balanced fitness nutrition
  • Learn why your body doesn't process all calories the same
  • Stop labeling foods "bad" (Black and White food categorizing)
  • Develop a clearer understanding of how your body functions, biologically and when/how it breaks down food
  • Create a healthy relationship with sugar/carbs/fats/fried foods, etc.

What's In The Challenge?

  • Individual meeting and weigh in with the Laehfles founder to get personalized macro goals and fitness nutrition plan for new participants.
  • 3 group meetings: 1 introduction to the nutrition plan, 1 mid-point check in to explore the science behind the program, and 1 end of Challenge Celebration.
  • Individual weigh ins weekly.
  • Facebook group support.
  • Individual accountability commitment with weekly
    check ins.
  • Physical challenge sessions.
  • Participation points contest for group motivation.

Challenge Levels

Apex Challenge

Our Apex challenge offers a strict plan to help you fine tune your body, reduce your body fat, reset your metabolism and increase lean muscle. As this is a rigid diet, you want to set your schedule so it works for you. Each day you will submit an email with your weight (from your home scale) and we will do a final weigh in and measurements at the end of the 8 weeks - 4 cycles of 12 days/2 days.

This program will follow a strict 12 days on, 2 days off approach for the eating plan. You will need to check in each day on your progress. If progress stalls for more than two days, we provide with five different detox options to support adrenal health, boost your metabolism and continued fat loss.  Our Apex approach includes individual weekly weigh ins and access to our private Facebook Challenge Group for support.  This plan is quite vigorous, is dairy and gluten free, eliminates all typical allergenic foods, and requires planning and self-disciplin. Participants can expect to lose up to 30 plus pounds per 8 week cycle. 

Midrib Challenge

Similar to our Apex Challenge, you will be provided with a strict list of approved foods for your dinner and snacks. Additionally, breakfast and lunch will be a filling shake that is portable and can be premade. Your flexibility comes with the ability to move your meal around to breakfast, lunch or dinner. As long as you have smoothies for two of your meals each day, your prepared meal time may be adjusted. 

Our Midrib plan provides a great deal of structure with a slightly higher calorie level, while it still excludes gluten and typical allergens, it does allow for minimal dairy. Participants can expect to lose up to 20 plus pounds per 8 week period. 

Petiole Challenge

Our flexible fitness nutrition plan is combined with our signature exercise structure that focuses on strength training will help you to increase lean muscle and reduce body fat. In this plan, you will be given a sample diet plan, along with a shopping list and you may swap out foods liberally. There are no off-limit foods, just strict guidelines for your daily macronutrient levels. Our Petiole Plan includes our private community facebook page, individual weigh ins, and group chat support. 

This plan requires a strict amount of strength and cardio classes, combined with daily food tracking of every bite of food. Participants can expect to lose 15 plus pounds while also maintaining a significant amount of lean, firm muscle. 


    Proper fuel (food) + Adequate exercise (strength workouts) = Results you can see and feel



    • Unlimited fitness classes during the challenge 
    • Individual weekly weigh ins
    • Group support meetings that focus on fitness nutrition strategies for success
    • Our exclusive Challenge guide that outlines our signature fitness nutrition plan, filled with wellness tips, tips for dining out/flexibility and workouts.
    • Weekly update emails
    • Access to our private Challenge Facebook group for ongoing community support. 


    We have members who need to gain weight, maintian, lose 10lbs or lose 60lbs. 

    And this is the most important part of the supportive and inclusive nature of our Challenge community. Whether you are twenty-five or sixty-five, you are welcome. Whether you are a gym rat or new to exercise, we are positive you will learn something about how your body works. 


    Join us for six weeks and see what we're all about!


    A special thanks to our partners for their dedication to promoting wellness in our community!

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