Class Descriptions


A challenging and safe barre class that sculpts your body while providing calorie-burning benefits. Set to an up tempo and fun mix of contemporary music. Exercises target and exhaust large muscle groups. It incorporates gliders, weights, therabands, exercise balls, and the ballet barre to build core strength while developing long, lean, flexible muscles followed up with stretch.

Lift - for Hardcore Challenge Participants

If you are serious about getting into amazing athletic shape, this class is for you. Lift will be packed with information and technique to truly help you move to the next level on your health journey. We will teach you the principles behind heavy lifting and how it ignites your body's natural ability to burn fat while at rest. We will teach you proper form for total body scorching moves such as deadlifts and kettlebell presses. Come feel the burn from head to toe -- and LIFT with us!

HIIT - Total Body Conditioning

This HIIT class offers a total body workout. Mixing free weights, kettle bells, and slam ball exercises with high intensity cardio intervals you will activate your slow twitch muscles and scorch calories.

HIIT - Upper Body Conditioning

Upper body strength training incorporating heavy weights that will challenge your body mixed with high intensity cardio intervals for maximum burn. Get ready to work!

HIIT - Lower Body Conditioning

Lower body strength training incorporating heavy weights, squats and lunges that will challenge your body mixed with high intensity cardio intervals for maximum burn. Get ready to work!

Cardio Kickboxing combines boxing and cardio for an effective, full body workout. In this class, you will tone your muscles while gaining strength, speed, coordination, balance and cardio-vascular fitness.

Begin with the basics of punching and kicking in order to really engage your lower body with the cardio combos later for a scorching calorie burn. Feel powerful and confident kicking butt in Cardio Kickboxing!

Punch Crush Kick


Ever evolving circuits push you to your limits in strength training paired with cardio intervals for maximum burn. Perfect for all fitness levels as you can go at your own pace and modify stations as needed to get the best workout for you.


POP Pilates


POP Pilates is a Pilates-inspired fitness class that sculpts your entire body, creating long, lean muscles and a rock solid core while having fun. Class utilizes upbeat pop music to keep you going - it's a dance on the mat!




Zumba is a high intensity workout that mixes body sculpting movements with dance steps derived from merengue, salsa, reggaeton, hip hop, samba, soca, belly dancing, and the latest pop hits! The routines feature aerobic interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms. It targets areas such as the glutes, legs, arms, abdominals, and the heart. Whether you have formal dance training, or have never done an 8 count in your life, you are guaranteed to feel sexy, challenged, have fun, and like what you see in the mirror with our special formula.